Word of the president

Written by Groupe velegda sarl

I am Mamounata B. VELEGDA, President of the group.
I would simply want to translate all my gratitude to all the members of the group, which arranges no effort as for the achievement of our objectives. I repeat them all my satisfaction because I know that without them, I would not know how to arrive at this stage. I thank all partners, customers and representatives, for the confidence which it grants me. I know that any human work is not completed but I would want to apologize to any natural or legal entity which I had to offend. Certainly the work is important but we must know how to recognize our errors and ask for the leniency of God.

Especially I wish that it has a perfect social cohesion within my group. We form a family to GROUPE VELEGDA. I consider every member of the team as being a part of the family. I encourage to them especially to be humble and to double efforts because a good work is the fruit of a whole team. I wish that the peace, the harmony, the solidarity, love, the tolerance reign there. In all nice women of whole world I wish them some courage and I invite them to persevere, because only the work pays. There is no jump jobs. I practically made everything. Only it is necessary to be humble and patient.

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